Over the past several years there has been a
steady rise in violence in South African
educational institutions — both high school
and university campuses — demanding a
new approach from education leaders.

Challenge of
Campus Security

While resources have been allocated in some cases, especially on university campuses, to improve security — such as patrolling by security guards, CCTV systems and panic buttons — the full value of surveillance technology remains unlocked, and the challenge of campus security remains an urgent one.

One promising new way to understand the nature of the problem — and to make learning environments safer for teachers and learners alike — is through a comprehensive surveillance with video-analytic software managed through the Milestone VMS. An integrated surveillance system with a carefully assembled video-analysis software stack will allow you to understand the campus environment more holistically.

BriefCam does not only provide real-time alerts, its powerful forensic capabilities can allow
campus leaders to conduct post-event analysis to understand security weaknesses.

iSentry, with its multiple capabilities — Unusual Behaviour Detection (UBD), indoor and outdoor left-object detection (LOD), Video Trip Wires (VTW) — is perfectly suited to the multi-zoned campus environment. The events-based system can alert operators to any unusual or suspicious behavior, such as learners loitering or accessing prohibited zones; the unauthorised gathering of crowds; and suspicious behaviour on or near campus perimeters, and in general.

Additionally, by tracking the precise flow of human traffic on the campus, operators can pinpoint dangerous areas, intelligently monitor perimeters, and generally understand the particular way in which environmental design influences and permits behaviours. Only from such an understanding can the problem be understood holistically and appropriate changes made.

Software Suites

ISDS has carefully built a software suite that is hardware agnostic — our systems are designed to merge
seamlessly with almost all hardware platforms. We work through the groundbreaking Milestone VMS
platform, which is open access and compatible with thousands of cameras.