Healthcare facilities — hospitals and clinics — are, by their nature,
complex multi-zoned environments with high human traffic volumes
and permeable boundaries. For this reason, healthcare institutions that
truly care about patients, staff and visitors are becoming more and more
serious about providing a safe and secure environment.

Intelligent surveillance system

A comprehensive, intelligent surveillance system is a crucial addition for these important facilities.
Real-time alerts are a crucial way of keeping patients, staff and visitors safe from criminal activity
or inappropriate behavior such as physical or verbal abuse.

But enhanced security is only one dimension of the value that can be added by unlocking the true power of surveillance. Healthcare institutions depend on disciplined organisation and flow capacity to function optimally. Logistical bottlenecks and long queues hinder a facility’s capacity to offer optimum care to patients. Video analytics offers hospital management a powerful new way to understand the environment and change systems to improve patient care.

These are just some of the many ways video-analytic software can unlock the
true power of surveillance, to make a healthcare facility safer and smarter:

Milestone VMS allows the surveillance feeds to be centralised, either on or offsite, and a full analytics system to layered over the feed.

iSentry’s Video Tripwire function will instantly detect entry into high-security areas such as pharmaceutical store rooms and bring live-stream video of the space to the operator’s attention.

BriefCam will allow real-time alerts and its forensic capability allows for post-event analysis to improve security and systems approaches.

Software Suites

ISDS has carefully built a software suite that is hardware agnostic — our systems are designed to merge
seamlessly with almost all hardware platforms. We work through the groundbreaking Milestone
platform, which is open access and compatible with thousands of cameras.