Sprawling, multi-zoned environments such as mines and farms are, by nature,
difficult to monitor. A comprehensive surveillance system with a strategically
assembled video-analytics software stack — including moving-target indication
system to facilitate the efficient observation of larger surveillance areas — will
not only increase security, it will allow you to understand the environment more
holistically. This in turn will allow you to make more considered decisions
regarding defensive and logistical strategies.

Video-analytics software unlocks the true
power of surveillance.

Mines and farms often have crucial infrastructure and high-security zones in remote locations. In many cases,
this means that the crucial infrastructure remains unmanned. Video-analytic software systems such as Panoptes Land
or Smartdec™, developed to deliver military-grade intelligence, are perfectly suited to monitor perimeters or remote areas.
The wireless Smartdec™ device is easy to relocate, allowing for flexibility of approach to location and placement.
Video and access control systems can also be integrated to deliver alerts and video as gates are accessed.

Video analytics can also give you a clear understanding of the moving patterns of objects (human or vehicular) as they negotiate the various zones of your mine or farm. How are people and vehicles interacting with the space? Where are the bottlenecks occurring? Where are the areas of greatest interest and concentration? Which are the zones of flow and which are the areas of congestion, delay and breakdown? This is powerful intelligence that can be leveraged to make business processes smarter.


There are growing numbers of
illegal miners risking their lives
at abandoned and operational
mines in South Africa.

The cost of illegal mining is enormous, both financially and in terms of human lives lost. One of the most promising ways to address this problem is through intelligent video surveillance. Panoptes Land gives operators the ability to manage huge areas, so giving a broad, long-range view of the mine complex and surrounding areas. ISDS’s iSentry will give you an immediate indication of vehicles and people who should not be in particular areas. Any out-of-the-ordinary activity will trigger alarms and responses — both automated and human. The easy-to-install and easy-to-move Smartdec™ system provides high-tech coverage of remote areas with an instant detection of intruders in security zones.

Software Suites

ISDS has carefully built a software suite that is hardware agnostic — our systems are designed to merge
seamlessly with almost all hardware platforms. We work through the groundbreaking Milestone
platform, which is open access and compatible with thousands of cameras.