Property management companies want to provide a safe, affordable and
quality lifestyle to their tenants, backed by exceptional customer service.
While security measures are key to achieving these goals, they are also
the most challenging to deploy and sustain.

Proactive Security

ISDS believes in the power of bespoke solutions that address our clients’
specific challenges and allow for scalable growth.

The deployment of a bespoke CCTV surveillance solutions
with video-analytic software drives proactive security by:

Enabling the centralisation of video feeds into a single environment, so that the data can be collected to make smart, time-efficient interventions.

Optimising resources through data insight obtained via the CCTV feed.

Harnessing leading-edge technology to unlock the true value of the hardware installation, enhancing security intelligence across the portfolio.


The challenge of a precinct is that its mixed-use nature makes it difficult to find a single solution
across the entire precinct. A comprehensive surveillance system with video-analytic software
underpinned by the Milestone VMS allows for a multi-dimensional response.

Installation of the system into key zones across all three areas
(retail, residential and commercial) allows for, among other things:

including the surrounding street walkways, through iSentry’s event-based Unusual Behaviour System.
BriefCam analytics provide tenants with the ability to receive post-event analysis reports to understand their security weaknesses and common threats.
BriefCam can also offer tenants powerful business intelligence related to how people and/or vehicles are negotiating their environment.
The offsite monitoring of key cameras allowing for an improved security solution (including potential cost reduction).
Installation of Plate ID LPR™ to know when suspicious vehicles enter a precinct.


On a level of perception alone, a comprehensive surveillance system helps property management
companies build positive sentiment among tenants, who feel safer and more secure.

Aside from perceptions, with an integrated surveillance system managed through Milestone
Systems VMS, building managers can centralise all video feeds into a single environment and
using the analytical data to make timely, targeted interventions.

iSentry’s Unusual Behavior Detection...
A building can select key cameras to be monitored offsite, especially after hours, when guarding detail is reduced.
BriefCam analytics provide security managers the ability to receive post-event analysis reports to understand security weaknesses.
BriefCam analytics provides residents with the ability to receive post-event analysis reports.
Plate ID LPR™ enables instant notification of wanted vehicles into the parking lot or vicinity.

Software Suites

ISDS has carefully built a software suite that is hardware agnostic — our systems are designed to merge
seamlessly with almost all hardware platforms. We work through the groundbreaking Milestone
platform, which is open access and compatible with thousands of cameras.