Several of South Africa’s largest cities have recently increased roll out of surveillance
cameras. This is part of a worldwide trend in making city’s safer and better managed.

There are, however, inevitably blind spots. If your neighborhood is such a blind spot, or
if the surveillance cameras in your area have old-technology analytics, or none at all,
consider unlocking the true power of surveillance.

Law Enforcement

Cities around the world all face the same difficult, multi-pronged challenge of protecting their residents, supporting
local business, and developing strategies to decrease crime.

Driving economic growth and attracting new businesses and visitors starts with reducing the crime rate, but law
enforcement is always operating on a very tight budget. BriefCam, iSentry and LPR help streamline law enforcement
operations in numerous ways, from tracking and identifying suspects to proactive crime prevention.

Security personnel are leveraging video analytics to identify
crime hot spots, track activity levels, and create strategic
action plans for increasing public safety.


Major cities around the globe are looking at ways that technology can impact our way of life in urban areas. From city planning and transportation to safety and security organizations, cities are preparing for the tech-enabled future – and leveraging existing investments in a whole new way.

Taking advantage of the video surveillance systems deployed throughout these metropolitan
areas, Smart Cities are unlocking the treasure trove of value in their video systems and are
breaking new ground by:

Analysing event and traffic patterns to identify optimal sites for business development

Combining security with a smart approach to city planning to drive economic investment

Monitoring pedestrians and bike routes so traffic engineers can design better path

Using real-time accident and traffic tracking to re-route motorists to faster or safer routes

Other Applications

Software Suites

ISDS has carefully built a software suite that is hardware agnostic — our systems are designed to merge
seamlessly with almost all hardware platforms. We work through the groundbreaking Milestone VMS
platform, which is open access and compatible with thousands of cameras.