Transforming Video Data
Into Actionable IntelligenceTM

ISDS is proud to be the sole distributor in sub-Saharan Africa of
BriefCam, the inventor of Video Synopsis® solutions for rapid video
review and search.


BriefCam invented and owns the worldwide patents for Video Synopsis®, a ground-breaking approach that
superimposes objects on a stationary background, simultaneously displaying events that have occurred at
different times (with the ability to link back to the original video). This allows you to conduct careful forensic
analysis of recorded material, reviewing hours of footage in minutes, sometimes seconds.

BriefCam’s R&D team, which includes some of the world’s top software developers, has solved hundreds of computer-vision and deep-learning challenges to isolate and differentiate between objects, especially in scenes with poor illumination or high activity.

BriefCam’s powerful video-analytics solutions are also easy-to-install and run, allowing you to unlock unimagined value from surveillance camera investments.

BriefCam products are deployed by leading law enforcement agencies, governments and Fortune 500 companies around the world.

View some screen examples here and a short video about Briefcam here


While BriefCam is best known for use in security applications, it also, crucially, offers unparalleled business intelligence reporting.

Whether an organisation is retail-focused or industrial, large or small, every business owner would benefit from in-depth data related to business processes in and through their working environment. A clear, comprehensive understanding of the patterns of objects (human or vehicular) as they negotiate the physical environment is powerful intelligence that can be used to make timely, strategic changes.

How are people and vehicles interacting with the space? Where are the bottlenecks? Where are the areas of greatest interest and concentration? Answers to these and a host of other crucial questions are available through BriefCam’s renowned software.

BriefCam not only allows you to make your business safer; it helps you make it smarter, too. In the retail environment, for example, BriefCam data can help you trace and understand your customers’ journeys from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave. Which sections or displays are most popular? Does that change depending on time of day or week?

Use these insights to rethink your layout and section placement. You can also use BriefCam to identify
those who have made a purchase, and then work backwards to look at what a ‘buyer’s journey’ looks
like. What do such customers have in common? Use BriefCam to understand, and make the
appropriate changes to your space.

Other Software

Application Arenas

Video-analytic software has radically transformed the potential uses of surveillance
technology. The number and type of functions have become dramatically deeper and more
varied. These are some of the key application arenas in the local and regional context.