ISDS is proud to partner with DEFENDEC, global leader in
distributed sensor networks for critical-infrastructure protection.


DEFENDEC’s flagship product, Smartdec™, provides high-tech security
coverage of critical remote infrastructure — such as cellphone towers,
pipelines, remote areas on mines and farms — with low-tech inputs.

The Smartdec™ camera unit is lightweight (less than 1kg per device) but its rugged construction means it is virtually impossible to break. Smartdec™ is easy to install and also easy to relocate, allowing for flexibility of approach to location and placement.

The Smartdec™ system is completely wireless. It has 400 days of battery life. RADIO OR GSM BASED. It integrates with existing security systems, is easy and quick to install; and once it is installed, virtually no maintenance required — zero additional investment.

Smartdec™ reduces the number of guard force staff required as well as the number of command and control monitoring staff.

Defendec’s Command Centre software, which easily integrates with legacy systems, provides centralised system and data management. The system collects and stores alarm information and photos. It has an easy-to-use web-based user interface and offers secure data transmission, adjustable alarm photo parameters and instant detection of intruders in secured areas.
Currently operational in 30 countries worldwide, Smartdec™ helps stop international smuggling, illegal trafficking, and acts of sabotage every day making it the technology of choice among border guards. Smartdec™ is currently securing NATO’s and European Union's external borders. It has 50-million hours of proven performance.

Application Arenas

Video-analytic software has radically transformed the potential uses of surveillance
technology. The number and type of functions have become dramatically deeper and more
varied. These are some of the key application arenas in the local and regional context.