How it Works?

ISDS’s mission is to help our customers find, and integrate, the best solutions
for their surveillance needs. We do this by listening carefully to each
customer’s particular surveillance challenge, and then generating bespoke
solutions to help provide — or unlock — the greatest amount of value.

How to Purchase

If you are wondering whether ultra-smart video-analytics software could benefit
your organisation, the answer is it probably could. ISDS works closely with a range
of customers — large and small — in a variety of sectors.

ISDS works with service providers — including outsourced monitoring companies and security firms — that use our software products to enhance the service they provide to their customers. The use of video surveillance software enables these service providers to provide you, the end client, a more effective and efficient service.

We also advise and sell software products to system integrators and security product resellers of both hardware and software (including traditional CCTV installers). Engage through your existing security system integrator / provider, or else contact ISDS directly and we will introduce you to select security providers.

While ISDS itself does not sell or install hardware, our experienced team
has the know-how to provide guidance to those who do.

If your organisation fits any of the above categories — or if you believe that video-analytics
software could benefit your organisation in terms of security or business intelligence — start a
conversation with ISDS today.



ISDS has carefully built a software suite that is hardware agnostic — our
systems are designed to merge seamlessly with almost all hardware platforms.


Do you want to unlock the true power of video surveillance?
Speak to one of our consultants today to discuss how video-analytics software could benefit your organisation.

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