Video Management System

ISDS is proud to partner with Milestone Systems, the world’s leading provider
of open-platform IP video management systems (VMS).


A powerful video management system (VMS) is the foundation of any
serious video surveillance set-up today, since it facilitates the consolidation
of all CCTV streams into one platform, allowing the smart software stack to
be layered over the feed, unlocking its value.

ISDS is excited to introduce Milestone Systems’ XProtect VMS. The powerful XProtect system is open platform, which affords it the crucial ability to integrate best-of-breed third-party software. That means that with XProtect VMS underpinning and managing your surveillance system, you can layer a variety of complementary software systems to get the optimum results for your particular application.

XProtect VMS is also hardware agnostic — compatible with more than 7000 models of surveillance camera. It is easy to use and operate, with a wide array of powerful and practical features.

View the XProtect VMS brochure here

XProtect VMS’s scalability and flexibility means it can cater for small, medium and enterprise-size organisations. So, whether you want to keep track of a boutique retail environment or secure a high-security installation, Milestone Systems’ XProtect VMS can deliver what you need.

The unparalleled value of XProtect VMS has been proven in more than 150,000 installations around the world.

Other Software

Application Arenas

Video-analytic software has radically transformed the potential uses of surveillance
technology. The number and type of functions have become dramatically deeper and more
varied. These are some of the key application arenas in the local and regional context.